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Trusted Home Improvement History

A History You Trust, A Warranty Your Can Depend On

As of 2014, Collis Roofing is the largest and highest rated roofing contractor in Florida.  While being the #1 roofing company in Florida with services that range from new construction, residential to commercial solar, windows and doors, siding and more, Collis Roofing is the 15th largest roofing contractor in the US.

Collis Roofing is fully licensed, bonded, insured and certified with all major manufacturers, and has a warranty on all their work that you can trust will be there should you ever need it years down the road. With over 20 years of business and over 97,500 roofs done, you can be confident that Collis Roofing will continue to be here. Your local Florida roofing company, Collis Roofing Won the 2012 Residential Roofing Contractor of the Year against all the other roofing contractors in the entire United States.

When you contact Collis Roofing, you can be certain to be given a free estimate and that they can explain the financing options available to you that most other roofing companies don’t have for roofing, gutters, solar, windows and doors, and insulation. You will have an estimator to carefully walk you through all of your options and will be with you throughout the process every step of the way. Whether your house is a grandeur slate roof, to a flat roof needing a commercial retrofit, to a suburban family shingle roof home looking to fix a leak, Collis Roofing values and appreciates all of our many customers and the ability to serve their needs in 64 counties in the state of Florida!

Collis Roofing can also provide you with insurance inspections, and has worked closely with insurance companies for years to make any weather or insurance related claim much easier for you and ensures that you get exactly what you need. Our certified inspectors and estimators can work with your insurance company for a smooth transition into a new roof. Many times, we will see you with a week of your setting an appointment to meet with an estimator; times that this may not happen is when severe weather has struck in an event as serious as Hurricane Andrew. In these cases, we continue to provide support on tips and perhaps things such as tarping your roof.

Most new residential roof repairs or new roofs can be completed within a day provided the inspector is as timely as our work with approvals to move forward. You will find that we are often very timely, and by the time you are coming home, your new roof is up and the area has been cleaned and returned to normal. Your estimator can help you set your expectations about the time it will take to finish your personal roof. You will not find our crews ever being sloppy or leaving roof waste around your home. The crews are respectful and care to maintain the integrity of your home.