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Home Improvement Loan from Collis Roofing

Collis Roofing Offers More Options for Your Home Improvement Loan!

As everyone has different needs and situations, Collis Roofing has extended their Financing Options to include SELF Solar and Energy Loan Fund, Wells Fargo, Enerbank, FRSA Credit Union and First Green Bank to give you more financing options than ever before! 

collis roofing financing options for home improvement

Talk with your estimating specialist about your goals and budget, and your estimator can direct you to what he or she believes is the best financing option available to you.

Financing terms and availability are subject to change at any time. All financing is subject to credit approval.

FRSA Credit Union loan applicants will need to open an account and a non-refundable $29 fee will be required at time of application.  The application fee will be applied to a loan upon approval. The fee is exclusive to FRSA Credit Union, not Collis Roofing and is not applied to your Collis Roofing contract.

First Green Bank has the most recent rates, term lengths and more on their website at FirstGreenBank.com

SELF loan applicants will need to open an account and a non-refundable $29 fee will be required at time of application.  The application fee will be applied to a loan upon approval. The fee is exclusive to SELF, not Collis Roofing and is not applied to your Collis Roofing contract.

Information for the latest rates, term lengths and program options for Wells Fargo and Enerbank can be found by either contacting your estimator or our financing department. 

If you have questions, you can always contact our in house Financing Specialist by calling 877-COLLIS1 or Emailing accounting@collisroofing.com.

How to Apply for Financing

Apply for financing at Collis Roofing

Enjoy being able to make the home improvements you need and want such as roofing, windows and doors, solar and more with the help of financing to make your payments easy and manageable  There are a large variety of financing options to meet most budgets and needs. All financing availability, terms and conditions are subject to approval.

To apply for financing for your Collis Roofing Home Improvement projects, you have 4 easy options:

1. Apply online with the FRSA Credit Union for Roof Financing There is a $25 application fee to apply.

2. Apply Online with SELF Solar and Energy Loan Fund for a Roofing, Windows and Doors, Insulation, Siding or Solar Loan. There is a $25 application fee to apply.

3. Apply Online with First Green Bank for a Solar Loan. Their loans are available for both commercial and residential solar use. 

4. Call EnerBank at 1-888-737-3410 for a Roofing, Windows and Doors, Insulation, Siding or Solar Loan and give them the Collis Roofing code of 170053.  Choose from 3 programs that best fits your needs and offer the corresponding promo code:  6.99% for 5 years is 6995YRL39, 12 Months Same as Cash is VNT236, 6.99% for 7 Years is 6997YRL89

5. Have your Home Improvement Estimator bring a Wells Fargo or FRSA financing application to your appointment. All written applications must be returned in writing.

6. Contact our Financing Specialist at 321-441-2300 or by email at Collis Roofing Financing Specialist

Low Credit Score Financing

Introducing a financing option that makes it possible for homeowners with low credit scores to get needed home improvements done.

SELF Low credit score financing for home improvements

Collis Roofing is excited to be the Central Florida partner for SELF, Solar and Energy Loan Fund.  SELF is also a certified Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI).

If you have recently been denied for financing for needed home improvements such as roofing, siding, solar or more, then SELF may be able to help you!

SELF is a nonprofit lender with a specific purpose is to come along side and help homeowners who have low credit scores, also known as low beacon scores, in the 500 and 600 ranges to qualify for low interest loans up to 10 years.  Rates are as low as 5%.  Last year, almost 70% of loans were to people in this beacon score range, and the average loan was for 4 years at 6-9% interest.

These loans can be used for Roofing such as a new Roof Replacement, Roof repair or Roof installation, Pool Solar Panels and Installation, Solar Attic Fans, Insulation, Windows and Window Installation, Doors and Door Installation, Siding, Skylights and Sun Tunnels Installation and much more!  You can have multiple home improvements under the same loan.

Those who have good credit are not excluded from using SELF.  

Apply now for a SELF loan by visiting online.  There is a $25 application fee.  

Non Credit Score Based FInancing

PACE Non Credit Based FInancing for Windows, Roofing and SolarThe Florida PACE Funding Agency (Agency) is a local government authorized to offer PACE financing.

PACE provides up to 100% fixed rate, non-credit based financing through its innovative E|VEST Florida program. Click here to find out if you qualify for PACE in the areas offering the PACE program.

With E|VEST, qualifying residential and commercial property owners can make clean energy and storm safety repairs or improvements to their homes and businesses, including solar, impact resistant windows or even a new roof with no out-of-pocket cost! The financing is then repaid through an assessment placed on the annual tax bill.

PACE requires a PACE Certified Contractor to perform the work in order to provide the financing. Collis Roofing is a PACE Certified Contractor.

Apply now for PACE Financing