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Residential Roofing Warranty

Collis Roofing has recently launched the most comprehensive, detailed warranty available in the roofing industry today. Together with our manufacturers, we are able to offer our customers good, better and best warranty options and the peace of mind of knowing that their warranty is completely transferable to the new owner of their home if they decide to sell. Collis Roofing offers a Labor Warranty. To receive a copy of the warranty, please email info@collisroofing.com.


If you've stopped by to register your warranty through one of our manufacturers, simply click on their logo below and you'll be taken directly to their web site to enter all the necessary information you'll need to properly register your warranty.

CertainTeed GAF Owens Corning MonierLifetile Enhanced Manufacturers Coverage Available logo_SureStart_Plusgolden_pledge

If you have any additional questions on warranties through Collis Roofing and/or one of our manufacturers, please Contact Us and we'll do the best we can to help you.