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Clear, Easy to Understand Answers to All Your Questions After Hurricane Irma and Insurance

Hurricane Irma created wide spread devastation across Florida, but has left our residents with a storm of questions and very little answers.

Below you will find a list of topics related to Hurricane Irma recovery and links to where you will find clear, easy to understand ethical answers and resources for you and your loved ones during this time. This resource is intended to help you understand the insurance claim recovery process, wait times and financial resources available to you.

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Hurricane Irma Help, Insurance Claims and Recovery FAQ

There are many programs from FEMA to Project Blue Roof that you may qualify for that offer free tarping services. If you would like a tarp from Collis Roofing, the current wait time is 2-5 business days.  For pricing on tarps, visit here.

Repairs will take the longest amount of time, possibly months. Currently, there are over 661,000 Hurricane Irma claims in Florida. Across the state, roofing contractors are opting to assist those with the most extensive damage first and many do not have large repair crews. Some roofing contractors that are either smaller companies or service in less populated areas have reported to homeowners, farmers and businesses that they are only offering roof replacements at this time.

To see Collis Roofing’s current wait time and expectations, please visit here.

This decision is a personal decision that you should take time to consider carefully as it will most likely have long term impacts on your home and finances. Find what you should consider when choosing to use a General Contractor or a Roofer after Gov. Rick Scott’s Emergency Order that currently gives you the legal right to choose.

In Florida, you do have the legal right to choose your roofing contractor, the same as any insurance claim. However, your insurance may attempt to impose fees may apply. There may need legal assistance available, through an AOB, and is of no cost to you. Please speak with your estimating representative if you are currently in this situation.

You can verify their Florida Roofing License here. You can very their Workmans Compensation Coverage here. You can also Google news about your roofing contractor to check if they have a history of creating fake storm claims. Here are more tips on identifying storm chasers.

In addition to, Collis Roofing offers a variety of financing resources from Wells Fargo, FRSA Credit Union, Enerbank, OneMain Financial and more. The most commonly selected financing option is 12 Months Same as Cash. For more information on Collis Roofing Financing Options or to Learn How to Apply Click Here, or let your Customer Service or Estimating Representative know that you would like to apply for financial assistance. Financing is subject to approval and there are options available for those with great to not so perfect credit scores.

Learn what goes into a Roofing Estimate such as the Florida Building Code, what might be missing from your adjuster’s, the struggles adjusters are having during Irma, and more. Despite what your insurance company may say, you are only responsible for your deductible.

Yes, but these costs are not covered by your insurance. Your insurance only covers the same type of roof you had before. Simple things such as upgrading your roof for a significantly better wind rating from a low wind rated 3 Tab Shingle to an Architectural Shingle can be very affordable. Improving your roof even more from a shingle to a metal roof may also cut the cost you would have paid on a normal metal roof from 25-40%. Let your estimator know if you are interested in learning about these options.

There are a number of financial benefits and protections that you can enjoy over many years from an enhanced manufacturer warranty in the long run, in addition to Collis Roofing’s 5 year warranty on a new roof. This upgrade is less than the cost to upgrade your roof to a better product as well. Learn more about what is covered in an enhanced manufacturer warranty.

Learn about what an AOB is as well as the potential risks and benefits. Collis Roofing’s policy is that while signing an AOB with Collis Roofing can be helpful for you, it is not required for you to sign an AOB for Collis Roofing to assist you unlike the medical and emergency medical services, dental services, car and truck collision centers, etc.

All information on this site is for Informational purposes only and not to be used as legal advice.