Hurricane Michael - How to Get The Best New Roof Replacement Possible in Panama City, Bay County and Gulf County.

Who is Collis Roofing?

Panama City Beach Collis Roofing Location

Collis Roofing is now serving Panama City, Bay County and Gulf County with commercial and residential roof replacements.  We are family owned, locally operated and community first minded. We only serve Florida and we never serve in an area we do not intend to stay. We have been in business for 25 years, as a licensed and insured roofing contractor.  We are known not only for our reliable & excellent workmanship and customer service, but for the numerous ways we give back from Free Roofs to those in need and nonprofits, supply drives to victims of various natural disasters including Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Florence and many more.  We have hosted Thanksgiving dinner for victims of Hurricane Irma in San Marcos to toy drives for children who might not see a present under the tree. You can simply click here to request a free estimate or fill out the form on this page to get started. 

Where is Collis Roofing Located in Panama City?

Our 5th Florida permanent branch is located at 13000 Hutchison Blvd in Panama City Beach.  We have already worked with our normal distributors for materials to ensure timely deliveries.    You can count on Collis Roofing will be there for you years after the storm as many others in Northeast Florida, Central Florida, the East Coast of Central Florida and the West Coast of Central Florida.  You can simply click here to request a free estimate or fill out the form on this page to get started. 

Why Did Collis Roofing Come to the Panhandle?

Many of our Collis Roofing family are from the Panhandle, have family, friends and loved ones in the Panhandle from Destin to Panama City to throughout the Gulf and Bay County area. Even the owners have their cousins in Panama City.  While we have been serving as individuals in clean up, delivering ice, food, gas and water supplies, and helping our friends and family as best as we can and and as a company with a flatbed and truck donation of supplies from our employees and community from as far as Tampa, Melbourne, Jacksonville and Orlando in conjunction with Communities Helping Communities in St Augustine we have been overwhelmed with a sense of needing to support the area long term.  We have 25 years of working together as an ethical, insured and licensed business that people can trust. We have experienced employees who could easily make the transition to work back home and close to loved ones instead and have the desire to do so.  You can simply click here to request a free estimate or fill out the form on this page to get started. 

Tips to Protect You, Your Loved Ones and Neighbors and Get Your Home Restored

As there is immense, wide spread damage, there will be extended wait times for any roofing contractor to repair or replace your roof.  During this time, however, at Collis Roofing, we want to provide as many Florida Homeowners, Property Managers and Business Owners tips and resources to help you during your wait time and shorten your recovery time. You can simply click here to request a free estimate or fill out the form on this page to get started. 

  1. Make sure your name is correct on your county’s property appraiser site. Having an incorrect name will prevent any roofing company from being able to pull the permit for your property to begin your roof.
  2. There is no such thing as a "Network of Roofers". While some of our team was serving families and communities with needed supplies such as food, ice, water, toys for kids, clean up of debris, etc. immediately after the storm, they had roofing contractors approach them at the homes they were helping.  These Florida licensed contractors were telling people they had 10-20 year workmanship warranties, but when asked since they operated from Jacksonville to Ohio (yes, you can have an office and be completely out of state and hold a Florida Roofing License) how they would manage warranty claims if something should arise.  Every single one said they offer the warranty because they "never have problems" and they "work with a network of local roofers".  They cannot tell you who these roofers are because there is no such thing. 
  3. Big Box Store like Lowe's does not mean Quality Contractors. Big Box store's liability ends when you sign the contract with the contractor.  Most of the contractors are small, and only in business for a few years and out of business a few years later.  If the work is shoddy, incomplete or doesn't happen, the blame is shifted to the contract you sign with the contractor.  If you paid them your deductible and your insurance paid them, and it doesn't pan out, your insurance will not re-issue you a check.  You will then have to cover the entire expense on your own.  Check out this news story for the latest occurrence with a big box store. 
  4. Check Google for news stories about contractors coming to your area. Not all Licensed Roofing Contractors are Made equal. Companies who commit insurance fraud and take money and never complete work can and do close businesses and open new ones.  After Hurricane Irma, Carlson Contractors did just that and opened up 2 new businesses - Kingfish Construction and Blue Water Builders. The legal injunction against Carlson Construction was not applied to the new businesses they opened and are currently operating. 
  5. Ask, Where are you located and verify the location.  Many roofing contractors, licensed and unlicensed will come in after a storm, and will leave after the storm.  You need to make sure they will be around for you after the storm and have a committed effort to your community.  Collis Roofing did not go to South Florida after Hurricane Irma to be storm chasers, because we already knew that was not a location we were ready to go to and build a new location.  Many of our employees have family and friends already in the Panhandle and are from the Panhandle.  This is about us using our gifts and abilities to serve a community we are already connected to and opening a new location that makes the most sense for our Collis Roofing family for the long run. 
  6. You do not have to allow anyone on your roof or in your home that you are not comfortable with.  Many contractors and storm chasers will be on the streets, knocking on doors, and that may include Collis Roofing employees and people you have never heard of.  If you ask someone to leave your personal property because you don't feel comfortable, and they do not leave and still go on your roof or in your home, call the police.  It is trespassing.  While we do background checks and maintain a firm anti drug and alcohol program, not all companies do. Protect your loved ones, trust your instincts, and report suspicious or trespassing to authorities to protect yourself.
  7. If you have a neighbor who has called in, please email us and let us know.   We may be able to schedule you around the same time for faster service. 
  8. Other Financial Assistance May Be Available. If you are not covered by FEMA, and still need financial help with your deductible, please click here. We have a wide array of financing options for those with low credit to great credit from Enerbank, PACE, FRSA Credit Union and OneMain Financial. 
  9. Do not let a contractor fool you into not paying your deductible - this is insurance fraud. Not paying your deductible can result in a Felony in the state of Florida, from 1st Degree Felony to 3rd Degree Felony based on the value of your property. We will do our best to help you during this time with assistance through FEMA or financing. 
  10. A roofing contractor cannot act as a Public Adjuster. This is an illegal practice, and if you find you are a victim of this, please report it.
  11. Wait for an ethical contractor with workmanship that you can trust. As difficult as it is for all of us with damage to wait, check to make sure your contractor is licensed by checking here. If they are not listed, they are not licensed. Do not take their word that they are licensed under someone else. If they are, the Florida DBPR will list it. Ask for a copy of their insurance. Do not pull their permits for them to “save money” as this can leave you will enormous legal and financial risk. Learn more about how to identify the red flags for roofing contractors here
  12. You can check your local news stations and Google for unethical contractors. Check to see if they have been in the news in the past few years for unethical insurance claim practices. Collis Roofing has been invited to help uncover roofing contractors in the act of committing insurance fraud, and has been part of consumer reports helping give Floridians help on how to find an ethical contractor.

Request a Free, Ethical Estimate from Collis Roofing for Your Home, Business or Property that You Manage. 

Thank you again for your continued patience as we work diligently to help all the families in the communities that we live in and serve in, and please remember Collis Roofing Cares!!!!

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