Get Your Roof Ready for the Upcoming Florida Storm Season with Necessary Roof Repairs and New Roof Replacements

Collis Roofing hurricane storm season roof replacement ad

Collis Roofing is the most trusted roofing contractor for ethical estimates and extensive roof product knowledge to help you repair your roof or replace it before storm season.  

How storm proof you want to be is entirely up to you, but you can count on us to explain the installation process in detail and the wind ratings involved in whatever materials you choose to use. It is your home and your family or your business that you have to decide, without pressure, what is best for you.  We offer a full range of financing from commercial to residential, with low interest rates and low payments, even if your credit history has been bumpy, because no one should go without the best roof because of past difficulties.

We are known for our excellence in workmanship and service throughout Florida and in the news for our commitment to the communities we serve with free roofs for those in need that have often fallen under the radar and help uncovering insurance fraud by Florida LICENSED roofing contractors such as ELR.

We are family owned, locally operated and community first minded. We only serve Florida and we never serve in an area we do not intend to stay like storm chasers. We have been in business for 25 years, as a licensed and insured roofing contractor.  

You can learn what its like to work with Collis Roofing, in depth, at every step of the process from the time you call us to the roof completion, by clicking here which will take you to GuildQuality, an independent surveying company that surveys all of our customers after a job has been completed. GuildQuality also has a map for you to check out with over 7,000 homes, multi family and commercial properties that we have worked on in the past year.

You can simply click here to request a free estimate or fill out the form on this page to get started. 

Florida Statute 817.234 False and Fraudulent Insurance Claims (7)(d) A contractor, or a person acting on behalf of a contractor, may not knowingly or willfully and with intent to injure, defraud, or deceive, pay, waive, or rebate all or part of an insurance deductible applicable to payment to the contractor, or a person acting on behalf of a contractor, for repairs to property covered by a property insurance policy. A person who violates this paragraph commits a third degree felony, punishable as provided in s. 775.082, s. 775.083, or s. 775.084.

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