How to get help from Collis Roofing after Hurricane Irma

Please expect that there will be an exceptionally high call volume for those who will have damage to all of our branches, that we want to help you and that we are doing everything that we can to help you as quickly as possible!  This will be the case with every roofing, siding and window contractor. 

We have a plan to ensure that we have the best opportunity to take everyone's information as quickly as possible.  Please call only once, or input your information in only once.  This will allow us to make sure we do not duplicate calls back, so we can ensure that we can call every customer back as quickly as possible.  Please highly consider using our online form to save your place in line for a call back.  While we will have additional lines open, there may be times that the signals may be too busy to call out or our lines may be full.  

Please leave a message with the following critical information, speaking slowly and carefully, spelling addresses can also be helpful.  Please make sure your message includes the following:

  1. Your name and any other point of contact's name
  2. Your phone number - please let us know if this is a mobile phone as we may also try to text you.
  3. Any additional phone numbers you have
  4. Your email address - Please spell this out carefully - this is in case we cannot reach you by phone
  5. Your address  and zip code - Please carefully spell out your street address and give us your zip code.  Some cities and counties share the same street names and numbers.  This will prevent us from scheduling someone at the wrong address and delaying us from reaching you in a more timely manner
  6. What you need - a tarp, roofing, gutters, siding, windows, skylights, etc. with damage.  Solar panels that did not stay attached
  7. Let us know if you have contacted your insurance provider yet

Do report your damage to insurance.  Do not wait.  This will help us service you in a more timely manner.

Here are 5 Hurricane Irma Restoration Tips that will speed up your Estimate and Service Times

1. Make sure your name matches on the Property Appraiser for your home or business. If it does not, call your municipality to get it corrected. We cannot pull a permit to ethically and legally begin work without a permit for your property in your name.

2. Input your information on our website in our Collis Roofing Contact Us Form as we are spending time returning calls to schedule and the phones may be busy or unreliable for us to call you back in certain areas.

3. Make sure that you contact your insurance to file a claim.

4. If you have a neighbor who has already contacted Collis Roofing, let us know so we can see if the estimator can see you before or after.

5. If you have neighbors that have not yet called, have them call and mention your name and address, so that way we can see multiple homes on the same day to expedite your service.

We hope you and your loved ones were safe during Hurricane Irma, and we appreciate your patience as we work diligently to help everyone who needs it.