Cost of a New Roof

Roof Replacement Cost for a Shingle, Tile, Metal Roof in Florida

How Much Does a New Roof Cost?

Having an insurance claim does not increase the price of your roof, but it does lower the amount you have to pay because your insurance covers the majority of the cost. An Estimating Specialist from Collis Roofing will look at these 5 things:

How steep is the roof? As the pitch increases, safety becomes a factor and the difficulty to apply the roof.


If you have heavy tree cover or other issues that would prevent us from being able to work standing up or loading a roof, special equipment may need to be considered such as tree trimming.

The size is a direct factor. The larger the roof, the more materials and time needed to complete the work.

What type of materials do you want? Do you want tile, metal, shingle, slate or a combination? What type of metal? The kind that looks like tile? Do you want skylights or sun tunnels? 


This is the biggest factor after materials. While everyone can get the materials for the same price, the labor is the biggest influence regarding price. The quality of the work increases the price or decreases it. The higher the quality work, the longer the warranty they can offer you from the manufacturer based on the rating of their labor, then the higher the price. 

Do You Have Good Financing Options for Most People and Businesses

Absolutely!  We offer low interest, low payment financing for  homeowners and businesses that start as low as the 500's for credit scores to non-credit score based financing through PACE.  Ask your estimator for details.  To provide detailed financing and payment information, we must complete an estimate first.

How Much is a Roof Replacement if There is Storm Damage?

If you have legitimate damage on 25% or more, your insurance company will pay for the cost of your new roof replacement.  This means you are only responsible for your deductible plus any upgrades you decide to add.

Please be aware it is a felony offense for insurance in Florida should you not pay a deductible, your contractor not collect the full deductible, or you keep any of the insurance money not spent on the repairs. 

If you are concerned that you may have storm damage, make sure you request a roofing estimate to check and contact your insurance company to file a claim.  We will help coordinate with your insurance adjuster and meet them at your home to make sure no damage is missed. 

The Cost of Choosing Someone Other than Collis Roofing

While its not every case, based on 25 years of incoming requests for repairs, chances are we will see you withing 6 months to 3 years for leaks or an entire new roof replacement whether it was a new company, big box company or one that is often the lowest price.  This includes those covered by insurance.  All of this will be out of pocket than can cost you hundreds to thousands of dollars.  We stand behind every roof we install. Many of our customers are repeat customers over the decades as they move into different homes at different life stages. 

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