Be a Guardian of Your Local Environment!

Florida Manatee

While there are other roof cleaning companies out there, there are very few in Florida that have an authentic commitment to the environment. Collis Roofing is committed to Green Living and protecting our local environment, water and resources by exclusively using an EPA Certified chemical for cleaning and protection on any roof that we treat.

The Impact of Using Harmful Chemicals in Florida

If you’re earth conscious, you know you don’t want to let your car going burning oil or other pollutants. You want to maintain a higher gas mileage. Roof cleaning also environmentally impacts your neighborhood as well as local water and food for wildlife. The bleach and chlorine that runs off your roof, driveway or home, is going into the ground, the plants, sewer and local ponds – potentially into your water.

Animals ingest the food such as fruit, nuts, etc. from the trees around your home which may have been misted by the products. Insects ingest the plants and soil that have chemical spray or run off, and when they are ingested by birds, frogs, and other wildlife, they carry that poison to that wildlife. Your cat or dog who still has that nasty habit of eating your grass or plants could be ingesting poison. Even your small toddler, the one you may also ingest it by doing the same thing.

To beautify and protect your roof and protect your local environment, pets and children, call 877-COLLIS1 or Contact Us for a Free Estimate for Roof Cleaning and Protection in Florida.

Protecting Who and What You Love

As a family owned business with children and grandchildren, Collis Roofing chose bleach free products. During treatment there may be exposure to the landscaping or toys left in the yard, but you can rest assured that your children, pets and landscaping should not be harmed during proper application. In addition to the safety of those you love, bleach products may harm the integrity of your roof.