Hurricane Matthew News, Safety and Storm Recovery Tips

Florida Hurricane and Tropical Storm Safety Tips
Hurricane Matthew Collis Roofing Storm Recovery

We know Hurricane Matthew has impacted well over a a few million with heavy rains, high wind gusts and flooding, power outages, damage to homes, schools, businesses, places of worship, cars and more . We sincerely hope that you and your loved ones were able to stay safe throughout Hurricane Matthew and continue to do so as you work on cleaning up and repairing any damage inside and outside your home.

If you find anything such as bowing or cracking on your ceiling, please do not sleep, play or stay in these rooms! These ceilings could break, and immense amount of water, weighted insulation, drywall and other attic debris could come through risking those in the way such as babies, children or elderly family serious injury or death. Do not allow it to stay either. Even if it appears to go away or lessen, the damage is still there, and the next time there is water collecting above it, it can break.

Do not, under any circumstances, walk on your roof if you suspect roof damage or water damage. Roofs are extremely slippery and pockets of water that have been left, may seriously increase your risk of falling off your roof. Debris, wind and water damage can make your roof even more dangerous to walk on even for those who are trained, because it may be weaker which may cause you increased risk of falling off or through your roof. Roof falls are the number one cause of death for workplace accidents and will cause serious injury. This is why anyone performing work on a roof is required to wear and properly use safety harnesses, ropes and anchors. Our estimators are specifically trained to walk on roofs and to know what dangers to look for so they can evaluate the roof.

When Not to Sign an Assignment of Benefits
when not to sign assignment of benefits roofing insurance fraud storm chasers florida

Most insurance companies do not trust many roofing contractors. Do not sign an AOB, Assignment of Benefits, or a Roof Replacement or Roof Repair Contract for any Roofing Contractor if:

1. They have not walked your roof, taken pictures and provided you with visual confirmation of damage. Your neighbors roof is not the same as yours - it has different conditions, age, exposure, materials, etc.

2. They provide you only with a Google image to give you an estimate.

3. They do not tell you what exact materials such as manufacturer, type of product (architectural versus 3 tab, 15 pound versus 30 pound felt, Bullet Boots/Bullet Vents or vents that squirrels will eat and get into), where they are getting the materials from (out of state products do not always meet the Florida environmental needs), etc.

4. They do not have Haag Certified Roofing Estimators - Haag Certified estimators and inspectors have greater credibility from insurance providers, engineers, builders and contractors because it indicates that they can more effectively and efficiently inspect and assess damage due to the intense training, testing and certifications from forensic engineers.

5. They cannot or will not provide you with proof of Workers Comp Insurance.

6. They cannot or will not provide you with proof of Insurance.

7. They cannot or will not provide you with proof of a proper, active Florida Roofing License. Roofing licenses can also be checked here.

8. They promise you a Free Roof, not to collect your deductible or discount your deductible, as this could lead you to a charge of Felony Insurance Fraud.

9. They cannot give you references.

10. They have offices out of state. Some of these companies are storm chasers that set up "local" offices temporarily and leave right after the work is completed. If you have any issues with your roof, the company will not honor these repairs or warranties because they are no longer located in the area. They also may bring in roofing materials that are not made to last the Florida climate and salt in the air. This can lead to cracking shingles, nail heads that erode and allow your roofing products to slip and fall, and your roofs to have no algae protection. No manufacturer warranties are valid if non Florida products are used, including manufacturer defects.

11. The Estimator Pressures You Into Letting them Act as a Public Adjuster. It is against the law for any roofing contractor to act as a public adjuster in the state of Florida.

More tips on how to avoid roofing scams and insurance fraud can be found here

What to Do if You Suspect Hurricane, Tropical Storm or other Storm Damage such as Wind or Hail

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