Storm Chasers

How to Protect Yourself from Florida Storm Chasers & Insurance Fraud

How to Protect Yourself from Storm Chasers & Insurance Fraud

While Collis Roofing may be in your neighborhood, you may also be greeted with an unexpected knock or door hanger by a company you do not recognize.

Use caution when speaking with contractors who may pose as being local, licensed, insured and do not sign anything or offer any monetary payments without checking these companies out with these 7 steps that can prevent you from being at risk of losing thousands of dollars to you being charged with a felony.

7 Steps to Prevent Being Taken Advantage of by a Storm Chaser or Contractor Involved in Insurance Fraud

1. Check if they are Florida Licensed.  

You can find out if a company is licensed by visiting the Florida Department of Business & Professional Regulation.  While many companies have had to use subcontractors due to demand and local labor shortage, find out what the written policy companies have on their use of subcontractors.  Collis Roofing will not, under any circumstances, use any subcontractor who is not Florida licensed and fully insured. Anyone on your roof, needs to be backed up with a Florida license.  

2. Check and ask for copies of their insurance.  

Make sure the business is insured and that they have workmans comp that covers their labor.  

3. Never pull a permit on a contractor's behalf.

If a contractor is asking you to pull a permit on their behalf to “save money”, as this is often to protect them because they have no insurance or Workers Compensation, opening you up to potential personal injury, wrongful death lawsuits and more against your homeowners insurance and yourself personally should these workers become injured on the job at your home or business.

4. Verify if they are part of Non Storm related, ethical organizations.  

Ethical Trade Organization Membership examples as CFRSA, FRSA, HAAG, etc.  Being part of something that teaches roofers how to sell more roofs for storm damage is not the same as being part of an organization that works to promote safety, workmanship and consumer protection.

5. It is a Felony in Florida to waive, deduct, discount or not collect a deductible in Florida for a Roof. 

Their is a dedicated and highly active branch of government, the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation, that both governs and investigates both consumers, insurance companies and contractors for insurance fraud.  Its also a felony to keep any of the money the insurance paid you for repairs instead of paying the amount in full to your contractor. A felony is NOT worth it.  

If you need a roof, we offer low payment, low interest financing options - even for deductibles.  Talk to your estimator for more information. 

6. Google for news stories

Ads and Reviews on Facebook, HomeAdvisor, Google or AngiesList does not mean they are ethical or even licensed.  Many law enforcement agencies report finding most unlicensed contractors, those committing fraud and/or have dangerous violent backgrounds advertise on these places and may even have good reviews.  Some companies pay people to go on NextDoor and Facebook and pretend to be customers recommending companies when people ask for a referral.  Google "company name news" and make sure its a local news source you trust. 

7.  There is no such thing as every roof having the same damage.  

It is 100% impossible due to the way wind, water and hail travel, types of roofing materials, installation by different companies, age of roof and even roof cover from trees.  While many homes in a neighborhood may have damage even after a major disaster, not every home will need a repair or replacement. Get a free second opinion with Collis Roofing before signing something that may put you on the hook for insurance fraud. 

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