Pool Solar

Collis Roofing Offers Pool Solar to Heat Pools and Spas

Heat Your Pool or Spa with Solar

Pool solar is the most affordable and effective way to heat your pool, spa or hot tub.  With properly installed solar, you can keep you pool swim ready about 10 months out of the year.  Pool solar is extremely affordable and removes the monthly burden of an electric pool heater or gas pool heater you have to pay month after month, year after year.  When choosing to use Collis Roofing for your pool solar, you can trust that we will not only ensure a great system installation but that your roof will be protected from unnecessary damage by a solar contractor who is not roofing licensed. One of the top requests we get for roof leaks is due to pool solar installed by someone without a Florida roofing license.  While pool solar is not covered by the solar tax credits, it is extremely affordable.  We offer low payment, low interest financing options as well.

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License Numbers: EC13006738 | CCC058022 | CFC1429287 | CGC1522375

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