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At Collis Roofing we take pride in listening to our customer base and have come up with a solution that is plaguing most homeowners in your area, dirty roofs that need to be cleaned! This brings back the aesthetic appeal of your home for a fraction of the cost of a new roof without creating any damage to the quality and integrity of your roof. Collis Roofing provides a variety of roof cleaning and rehab to tile, shingle and metal roofs in the Orlando, Tampa, Sarasota, Jacksonville, Daytona, Melbourne, Vero Beach areas and serves 20 counties in the state of Florida!

You can see weather damage on residential homes and also on commercial sloped roofs. Our weather patterns and the amount of rain we get every year promote an abundant amount of algae growth on most roofs. Collis Roofing has the solution for this ongoing problem, and a way to prevent it from coming back!

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What is Turning your Roof Black?

Do you know what is turning your roof black

It's Algae! Florida's humid and warm climate is the ideal breeding ground for explosive algae growth. Many homes who had roofs put on by out of state storm chasers after the Hurricanes in 2004 and 2005 do not have AR (Algae Resistant) roofing products put on that are made for Florida. After 10 years, even AR roofing products need cleaning and protection. At Collis Roofing, we have the safest roof cleaning technology to clean and effectively protect your roof for years to come. The cure is in the treatment!

Collis Roof Cleaning Benefits

Curb Appeal - Both new and old buildings can be attractive, but a dirty roof degrades both. People get the impression that a building with a dirty roof is in poor condition, whether that is true or not. A blackening roof is not much of a magnet for drawing in shoppers, and it detracts heavily from the curb appeal of a home or business.

Increase Your Property Value - It is difficult to place a price on a dirty or algae ridden roof. Appraisers rate buildings by the value of their components. A dirty roof may not be a physical problem, but the appraisal will reflect the stained roof to be less valuable than would be the case with a clean one.

Increase Your Roof's Lifespan - Many roofing materials break down faster when not kept clean. A 30-year fiberglass roof can lose 30% of its useful life when not cleaned as needed. The cost of cleaning a roof can, in many cases, pay for itself by extending the life of the roofing materials.

HOA Complaint - Depending on where you live, there may be covenants that require you to clean your roof. This is often true with commercial as well as residential properties.

Tile Roof Cleaning - Before & After