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Gutter Replacement or Installation

Water is the leading cause of damage to your home, and gutters are essential for protecting your sidings, foundation, soffits, and fascia from water damage. Having dysfunctional gutters can actually be worse than having no gutters at all! At Collis roofing, our experienced roofing specialists know how to maintain your property’s value and even increase it by installing superior gutter systems made with stronger metal.

We Have Variety

We have a wide variety of colors, styles and metals including copper and aluminium to flatter any home or business. Our gutter colors are naturally occurring and we never paint gutters. Painted gutters will chip and fade, stopping colors from lasting because it can’t adhere effectively to the metal. The colors on our gutters will last!

We ensure proper installation that won’t damage your roof!

Our Gutters

Seamless Gutters

Seamless gutters are perfectly molded to your home and last much longer than gutters that are installed in sections. They allow for water to move smoothly through the gutters and prevent clog ups by leaves, twigs, and plant matter that get caught in the seams of typical gutters. By molding gutters perfectly to your roof’s perimeter, your whole house is covered and water is expertly directed to our strategically placed downspouts.

Copper Gutters

In the market for something new, exciting, and durable? Copper gutters are what you’re after. Copper is a beautiful material that is naturally vibrant and will immediately catch the eyes of anyone driving by. Copper is so durable that they’ll last more than 100 years without any issues. The color matches almost all home styles, colors, and sizes so you can rest assured that these gutters will compliment your home and even become the star!

The best thing about copper besides how long they last is that it’s a natural algaecide. This means algae dies the second it tries to accumulate on your gutters. It can also keep fungi at bay inside and outside of your gutters which reduces any clogging in your gutters significantly.

Aluminum Gutters

There are many benefits to getting aluminum gutters for your home. While copper gutters last longer, aluminum gutters still last over 20 years. Being a lightweight material, they can hold more water without sagging which prevents potential damage to your roof and gutters. You don’t have to worry about upkeep with these gutters because aluminum doesn’t rust, is fully customizable, and used to create seamless gutters.

Expertly Installed Add-ons

Gutters need to be cleaned at least every 6 months to prevent clogging, flooding, and rot on the materials surrounding your gutters. Soffits and Fascia made of wood rot easily and those made of metals or vinyl can collect grime from flooding gutters or become a breeding ground for mold. We know that cleaning gutters can be frustrating. That’s why we offer leaf shield and splash guard installation!

Leaf shields

Help stop leaves, twigs, dirt, and grime from collecting inside your gutters that preventing them from doing their job. Leaf Shields also help keep out pests such as squirrels, possums, lizards and other animals that can create nests in gutter divots and prevent proper rain deviation. This makes it easier to clean your gutters and you won’t have to do it as often.

Splash guards

Splash guards prevent water from splashing over and collecting during heavy rains. This stops wood rot and mold growth as well as keep water from pooling around the foundation of your home. If you want to step out of your home without getting soaked during a storm while keeping your home safe, splash guards are the way to go.

Why are gutters so important?

Gutter systems have one purpose and one purpose only; to direct water away from your home. This may not seem like an important task, but it actually plays a huge role in protecting your home from disaster.

Water that isn’t redirected could cause:

Roof decay

Rain water can be pushed onto the edge of your roof to rot wood or rust metal whenever gutters flood. If the wood rots through enough, water can enter your home and cause flooding that can ruin the interior walls, flooring, and your personal property.

Foundation damage

Water is one of the most powerful elements out there and it can erode even the strongest of materials. Flooding gutters can erode both soil and cement, eating away at a home’s foundation and causing your home to become unstable.

Soil Erosion

Soil erosion doesn’t seem like a concern but when soil wears away, it can be a big problem for your property. While soil erosion is naturally occurring, a damaged gutter can speed up the process collectively in a single or multiple areas. If the soil around a tree erodes, it can become unstable and fall onto your home, cars in the driveway, or even your neighbor’s property. Gardens can be washed away and flooding can occur in the ditches that soil erosion forms.

Siding decay

Siding can be made of many materials but if it’s made of wood that isn’t properly treated or cement that’s porous enough, a flooding gutter can cause rot, decay, mold growth, and chip any paint. Siding repairs for extensive damage can be expensive but getting new gutters can prevent this if it hasn’t happened already.

Gutters need to be cleaned out, checked for leaks, and replaced if you find:

Broken segments

Leaking cracks

Disconnected downspout

Or missing end caps

*Offer cannot be combined with any other. Offer cannot be applied on a detached garage or shed. Offer does not include copper gutters or leaf guards. Gutters are 6″ seamless gutters.

**We do not repair gutters

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