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Heat Your Pool or Spa with Solar

Pool solar is the most affordable and effective way to heat your pool, spa or hot tub. With properly installed solar fixtures, you can keep your pool swim ready for about 10 months out of the year. Collis Roofing goes above and beyond to ensure that your pool solar works effectively to heat your pool, spa, or hot tub without breaking down. We use the best pool solar on the market and our trained professionals install it perfectly in a way that doesn’t damage your roof.

Save Money By Going Solar!

Pool solar is extremely affordable and removes the monthly burden of an electric pool heater or gas pool heater that you have to pay month after month, year after year. When choosing to use Collis Roofing for your pool solar, you can trust that we will not only install a great system, but also guarantee your roof will be protected from unnecessary damage that can occur if a solar installer isn’t roof licensed. One of the top requests we get for roof leaks is due to pool solar being installed by someone without a Florida roofing license. The Collis Roofing team installs solar while keeping the integrity of your roof in mind. Being licensed to work in Florida is the key to being able to install solar panels onto your roof and not puncture through shingles and cause rain water to enter your home.

Benefits of Solar Pool Heating

Swim Season in Any Season

Living in Florida, a pool is the best way to cool down during the hot summer months. But what about the rest of the year? With a heated pool, swim season is year round. Installing pool solar heating extends your swim season to 10 months instead of the usual 3 to 4 months without it. Florida weather demands using pools year round for both fun and to escape the heat. Never step into a cold pool ever again by installing a solar pool heater.

Energy Efficiency

The sun is an unlimited renewable energy source and by utilizing it in your home, you can steer clear of the rising cost of energy. The best part is that it can pay itself off in as little as 3 years!

Go Green

Reduce your carbon footprint by going green and using solar energy. Solar is the cleanest form of energy and doesn’t require you to use your home’s electricity or a gas heater which releases harmful emissions into the atmosphere. Living in The Sunshine State means you’ll have access to solar energy year round.

Low Maintenance

Solar pool heaters run clean and don’t lose efficiency. Because of this, they require minimal maintenance. They also last longer than an electric or gas heater, anywhere between 20-30 years rather than 15-20 for other pool heaters.

Silent Type

If you currently have a gas or electric heater, you’ve probably heard the hum of the motor while you’re trying to relax. With a solar pool heater, you’ll be able to stay in peace and quiet while relaxing in your hot tub or spa.

How it Works

Knowing how solar pool heating works is important when understanding how beneficial it is. The great thing about solar heating is that it’s straightforward technology that works effectively that it keeps your pool heated almost year round.

Here’s how it works:

1. Through a discreetly placed system, your pool water is directed through a series of valves to your solar collectors up on your roof.

2. The pool water enters the collectors through the bottom and rises to the top through individual tubes, the disbursement of the water allowing your pool to heat quicker than with a gas or electric heater.

3. As the water gradually rises, it’s heated by the sun’s energy collected from the installed solar panel. The temperature of the water is determined by you using controlled settings.

4. The freshly heated water returns to the pool and your system repeats the cycle until your pool has been warmed to your desired temperature.

5. Temperature is maintained by keeping the water cycling through throughout your swim session.

“We recommend getting a solar pool blanket to trap in heat for use at night and to further reduce your energy consumption. You can find these online or in most pool supply stores”.

The Collis Roofing Difference

There’s no waiting for a solar heater. Collis Roofing can have your heater installed in just a few hours instead of waiting days for the installation to be completed. We install your solar pool heater with minimal disturbance to your property or life. We know you can start enjoying your heated pool right away!


While pool solar is not covered by the solar tax credits, it is extremely affordable. To make it more even affordable, Collis Roofing offers low payment, low interest financing options for all our Pool Solar jobs.

Whether your credit is perfect or you have gone through a rough patch, we will help you find a financing option that is perfect for your needs. Our commercial and residential financing options range from partnerships with local banks such as Surety Bank, the FRSA Credit Union, Enerbank a national home improvement lender, PACE a government non credit based financing source (only available in select areas) and even SELF, a non profit lending source in Florida.

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