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It’s not common knowledge that a dirty roof can actually slowly cause roof damage but it’s a fact that Collis Roofing knows all too well. While most shingle and tile roofs have an “algae warranty” (AR), Florida’s humid warm climate and tree coverage is the ideal breeding ground for explosive algae growth. After 10 years, even AR roofing products need cleaning and protection. We visited many roofs of clients who had never had a roof cleaning here in Florida and we came to find the damage actually came from algae growth, leaves and twigs being stuck under shingles, and natural shingle deterioration.

Some of our clients actually had roof cleaning done and afterwards experienced problems like asphalt breaking off their shingles, the grass around the perimeter of their home dying, and their pets getting sick. These are all symptoms of a roof cleaning done with bleach or other harsh chemicals and pesticides. That’s why we started offering roof cleaning services done right!

Collis Roofing provides the most effective roof cleaning for residential, multi family and commercial properties.

Safe Cleaning

At Collis Roofing, we have the safest roof cleaning technology to clean and effectively protect your roof from damage. Some roofing companies use pressure washers or bleach that can cause damage due to the high pressure water and chemical composition of bleach. These unsafe roof cleaning tactics can shorten the life expectancy of your roof by deteriorating shingles while also pressing water under shingles and causing rot to the wood underneath. Our products are also pet safe and landscaping safe so you can have peace of mind that our products won’t harm your pets or grass.

Why Clean Your Roof?

Your roof protects you from the elements day in and day out. While dirt and debris will collect on it no matter what, rainfall typically washed it off. The dark stains on your roof that appear deep brown or dark green are caused by other natural elements:




These substances not only stain your roof, but it can damage it as well.


If you see black stains on your roof, it’s most likely an algae infestation. A specific algae called GM algae is a bacterium that feeds off of both asphalt and limestone roofing in moist, cool and shaded areas of the roof. This is why Florida roofs are the perfect breeding ground for algae.


Lichens are basically the combination of algae and fungus. Lichens feed off a shingle’s oil base to get their nutrients and continue spreading. Lichens can be difficult to remove from the roof and can reappear in the humidity and rain that Florida is known for.


Moss can thrive on a roof for many reasons. Roofs can retain moisture that help them thrive and low hanging trees can drop the nutrients it needs to survive while also providing shade, their ideal habitat.

Damage from Stains?

The stains on your roof from these plants and fungi can cause shingle deterioration and wood rot that’ll end in expensive repairs and shorten the lifespan of your roof. A roof cleaning from Collis Roofing will minimize or eliminate this damage.

Shingle Damage

Algae damages shingles by literally eating at the asphalt and limestone that they’re made up of. They also have the ability to absorb heat which forces your attic to retain heat and be unable to expel it properly. This bakes your shingles from the inside out where they’re most vulnerable and reduces their lifespan. Lichen can be just as damaging, if not more. They have tentacles that can make pock marks where they’re thriving and destroy shingles little by little.

Moss poses the worst threat to your roof, growing over and underneath shingles and causing them to lift and curl away from the roof. In order for shingles to do their job, they have to be laying flat! When this happens, the only way to repair the damage is to do a full repair job.

The Collis Cleaning

Roof cleaning isn’t just for aesthetic purposes. While a roof cleaning does clean up all the grime and spots that make your roof look old and dingy, its main purpose is to protect your investment and extend the life of your roof.

Don’t DIY It!

Online forums about roof cleaning will tell you to use household cleaners like bleach, oven cleaner, vinegar, and other supplies that will ruin your roof! They’ll even guide you to use a pressure washer which will wash away the asphalt from shingles and even cause some shingles to curl and lift out of place. At Collis Roofing, we only use the safest cleaning supplies and materials to ensure your roof is free of algae and moss while keeping the shingles laying flat. Our cleaning solution is biodegradable which means it’s safe for your lawn and won’t cause harm to your pets. Using bleach and other harsh chemicals will kill algae, but it’ll also kill the plants around your home and any critters who drink the water runoff.

The Collis Roofing Difference

We admit, cleaning your roof won’t be a permanent fix. Living in Florida means algae can grow quickly on roofs even after a cleaning. However, The Collis Roofing Difference means your roof cleaning will be thorough and non-damaging to the roofing materials. After we’re done, your roof will be beautiful, the return of dark stains will be slowed down, and we’ll do so without damaging your roof or contaminating your lawn with harsh chemicals.

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