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Siding Repair, Replacement or Installation

Beautify your home with custom siding installed by the experts at Collis Roofing. We offer siding repair, siding replacement and new siding installation with low payment, low interest financing options. 

Installation is everything when it comes to siding. You can have the highest grade construction materials available but if it’s not installed properly, it won’t do the job. We not only expertly install your home’s siding, we also use high quality materials like James Hardie fiber cement while making sure your home stays up to code for an increased home value.

When you need a siding job done, call Collis Roofing for a professional and proper installation.

Our Siding

Collis Roofing installs James Hardie fiber cement siding and trim with a variety of colors, styles and looks. This siding is a fantastic alternative to traditional vinyl siding due to the longevity, appearance and durability it has over vinyl siding in the Florida storms and climate, as well as being non-combustible. James Hardie siding is over five times thicker than vinyl, allowing for deeper grooves and a more authentic wood-grain effect. While more expensive up front, cement siding is more cost effective over time and many insurance companies offer discounts for installing James Hardie fiber cement siding.

Many homeowners choose vinyl siding because the initial cost is less than fiber cement siding. While the color won’t fade as fast as paint, vinyl siding does oxidize faster than cement and is not as impact and storm resistant as fiber cement siding. It is also flammable at a lower ignition point (730 degrees, about 2 – 3 minutes from the start of a house fire) which can impact you and your loved one’s ability to safely exit a home in the event of a fire emergency. If you currently have vinyl siding that needs repair or replacement, we highly recommend you consider installing fiber cement siding instead.

Why We Use James Hardie

Moisture and Rot Resistance

Living in Florida, the threat we face the most is water damage from hurricanes, floods, and the general humidity. Water damage works slowly but relentlessly, causing poor quality siding to swell and crack, lose paint and grow mold. This is why we choose James Hardie products. They’re specifically designed to withstand damage from moisture and rot and won’t stop protecting your home during heavy rain.

Fire Protection

If your siding is currently made up of wood or vinyl, your home is NOT protected from fire. In fact, fire feasts on wood and vinyl melts almost instantly when exposed to fire. We use James Hardie fiber-cement siding because of its fire resistant qualities and the fact that you can get a discount from your insurance carrier for implementing it into your home.

Protection against pests

Termites are a major problem here in Florida and if you’re siding is made of any type of wood, OSB, or wood-composite, it can be damaged by insects, pecked by birds, and eaten by termites. It also allows critters to easily enter your home and cause an infestation. James Hardie fiber-cement siding wards away critters and won’t appeal to termites.

Weather Withstanding

Severe weather is common in Florida and storm season tests the strength of your home’s exterior. Aside from storms, Florida experiences relentless heat that can damage your siding overtime. James Hardie fiber-cement in conjunction with an excellent installation team like Collis Roofing will resist high impact winds, debris being tossed around, and extreme heat.

Durable Overtime

There’s one thing that can’t be stopped and that’s aging. As time goes on, our homes start to deteriorate and require repairs or full replacements. James Hardie products are created to withstand the hot humid climate of Florida while looking great for years to come.

Repair, Replace or Install Siding
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