What Is In a Collis Roofing Estimate?

Insurance adjuster roofing estimate difference hurricane irma collis roofingAt Collis Roofing, every estimate that is related to insurance, like most other ethical roofing contractors, may not be the same as what your insurance adjuster estimates. 

The three most common reasons this occurs is due to the Florida Building Code, O&P and Roofing Material Knowledge. You will find that our contracts are detailed, line itemized and transparent with both you and the adjuster because of our strong ethics. 

You will know exactly what material is being installed on your home and how, without generic information, to help you make the most informed decision.

You are only responsible for your deductible unless you decide to upgrade the materials to something better than what you currently have or get an enhanced warranty from the manufacturer.  You can work with your insurance directly or in the rare circumstance you need additional assistance, you can seek help from a public adjuster or law firm.  Collis Roofing cannot, will not and does not offer any legal advice.  Please reach out to your local bar association should you require legal advice. 

Florida Building Code

Most adjusters are not fully aware of the Florida Building Code, and this is especially true after a major named storm such as Hurricane Hermine, Hurricane Matthew, Hurricane Irma or Hurricane Michael. Numerous insurance companies, large and small, are sending our adjusters from out of state. The resulting issue that comes out of this is that they do not include everything the Florida law requires to have your roof installed, so their estimated amount for the roof replacement is less.

When this occurs, your estimator will address these specific points missed on the adjuster’s estimate and the building code. Most times, this is accepted by the insurance provider because it is Florida Building Code and required by Florida law, and our estimates at Collis Roofing are exceptionally detailed and ethical. 


O & P simply stands for Overhead and Profit. Like your insurance company, Collis Roofing is not a nonprofit. O& P is calculated as a percentage of the total cost of a job. . Overhead is made up of expenses such as vehicles, necessary equipment, permit fees, safety and supervision of crews, workers compensation, and pay for our valued employees. The most common O&P, outside of exceptionally steep roofs, excessive difficulty accessing the roof such as trees covering it, or the home requires lead abatement due to the age of the home or business, is called “10 and 10”. O & P set at “10 and 10”, means the estimate will be charged as 20% on top of the total job estimate.

Roofing Materials

Some adjusters may not have roofing experience, and may be more experienced in areas such as flooding, and not know the differences between various roofing products such as architectural and 3 tab shingles. These estimators may be sent to your home only due to the fact that there are hundreds of thousands of insurance claims and they are doing their best trying to deploy adjusters to at least look at your home or business.

Florida Law requires that the material used on your home needs to be the same type of materials. This means if you have a tile roof, they need to replace it with a tile roof. If you have an architectural shingle roof, they cannot downgrade your roof to a 3 tab shingle material. If you have a 3 tab shingle roof, they will only cover you for a 3 tab roof even though it has a significantly lower wind rating than an architectural roof. If your adjuster believes that the architectural shingles are only a decorative shingle, your estimator will provide the adjuster with the information regarding wind ratings on products and it should be approved quickly without issue.

Can You Upgrade Your Roof or Get an Enhanced Warranty?

Yes, but you are responsible, not your insurance company, for the difference in cost.   

If you have a 3 tab roof and you would like to get a an architectural shingle and a lifetime warranty that may include workmanship it may only be a few hundred to a few thousand dollars depending on the size of your roof, pitch, etc. This is a very common request for those who have had 3 tab shingles or live in certain areas that are more often impacted by hurricanes and tropical storms. You can learn more about the differences an enhanced warranty can make for you here.

Another frequent inquiry is for a metal replacement because metal roofs, when using the right material, workmanship and not doing a “layover”, it is the longest lasting roof in Florida and considered a “lifetime roof”. These are the most expensive roofs to install because of the cost of the material, but using the amount your insurance is covering to restore it to what it was can sometimes cut what would have been the cost anywhere from 33% to 50%. For example, your roof may be $10,000 to restore it back to architectural shingles. The cost for your roof to be installed on a normal day before a hurricane occurred and damaged your home was $27,000. This means if your insurance issues you a check for $10,000 and you opt to upgrade your roof to metal, this roof would only cost you $17,000 plus your deductible instead.

Should I contact Collis Roofing for an Estimate?

While many roofing contractors can only see on average of 50 with a few able to see about 100 customers a week because of their size, Collis Roofing is able to provide ethical and accurate estimates to hundreds each week across 17 counties in Florida. 

Click here if you would like to request an estimate for a roof repair or are filing a claim for a roof replacement and would like an estimate. 

We are still family owned and locally operated, as we have been for the past 23 years, serving only Florida. As of 2017, we are currently the 20th largest roofing contractor in the USA, the 2nd largest commercial roofer in Florida and 1st largest residential roofer in Florida. We currently have 4 branches, and maintain the highest levels of manufacturer training and certifications. Most of our estimators are Haag Certified, which is the highest certification for ethical insurance claims. All of this allows us to have the greatest capacity to give you the help you need that will be the most ethical when managing your insurance claims and reliable workmanship that you can count on in the years to come.

The national average wait time, before Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma, was 4-6 weeks to have a roof replaced due to quality labor shortages by those with the legal right to work in the US. Now with the extreme increase in demand due to the widespread damage during Hurricane Irma, no matter where you go, there will unfortunately be a long wait for estimate and for work. It may also be a few business days before we can call and let you know when an estimator can be in your area.

At Collis Roofing, even though there will be a long wait, we are currently using multiple different methods for estimators to be deployed to you, to install tarps, repair damage and replace roofs that will help shorten the wait time you will have as much as possible. 

We have created a page full of resources to protect you, your home and loved ones, provide financial assistance, and help you avoid things that you may not have thought of that might slow down your time to get your home or business repaired or have a roof replaced.  Click here for 15 tips and resources you should be aware of while you are waiting for help from Collis Roofing.

Thank you again for your continued patience as we work diligently to help all the families in the communities that we live in and serve in, and please remember Collis Roofing Cares!!!!