Hurricane Irma Repair and Replacement Wait Times from Collis Roofing

Wait Times for Hurricane Irma Insurance Claims Roofing Windows Siding Collis Roofing roof repairs replacements

How Long Do I Have to File an Insurance Claim?

Under Florida Law, 627.70132 Notice of windstorm or hurricane claim, you have 3 years to file a claim within 3 years after the hurricane first made landfall or the windstorm caused the covered damage.

If you do not have visible damage or leaks, we respectfully request that you would allow us to address those who do to allow us restore those with the greatest needs quickly.

If you would still like us to take your information, we will, but they will not be scheduled until we address those with the greatest needs first.

We are currently not offering inspections for life expectancy, real estate for listings for negotiation for a buyer or seller,and those who are curious if they had damage but have no leaks or visible damage at this time.

We are continuing to work through the requests as quickly as possible and appreciate your understanding during this time where over 281,000 claims have been filed in our service area.

As of September 26th, according to the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation, there are currently over 605,000 claims for Hurricane Irma, and Collis Roofing currently serves where 281,000 of these claims are. This means 46% of all the claims being filed are in Collis Roofing service areas.

While many roofing contractors can only see on average of 50 with a few able to see about 100 customers a week because of their size, Collis Roofing is able to provide ethical and accurate estimates to hundreds each week across 17 counties in Florida. 

Thank you for your patience during this incredibly difficult time for everyone. We know there are many other contractors out there, and we are thankful that you have chosen to trust Collis Roofing with restoring your home or business. Collis Roofing Cares and will continue to work with exceptional ethics and workmanship for you during this time.

Below you can find our current wait times for repairs and replacements from roofing , siding, windows, soffit, fascia, gutters and more.

Wait Times for Roof Repair, Roof Leaks, Leaks Around the Skylights or Solar, Soffit or Fascia Repairs

As of right now, based on the number of requests, our current number of service estimators, techs and administrators, we are now booking January through March, but we do have some ways that may help you receive service faster. 

 Some of the ways you can expedite your wait time is to let Customer Service know that:
     1. You are a previous Collis Roofing customer
     2. Be on the Collis Roofing on call list, for if in the event, someone cancels their appointment for whatever reason and does not have a pre-authorization form completed

Please let our customer service department know if you would like to be on the On Call List, or are a previous Collis Roofing customer.  Currently, Collis Roofing has no availability to be on the pre-authorization list.

Wait Times for Roof Replacement, Window Replacement, Siding Replacement, Gutter Installation

As of right now, based on the number of requests, our current number of roof replacement estimators and administrators, it may be a week to a few weeks before they can get to your home based on their schedule and the extent of the need they find when they arrive at a home.  Once the estimator receives a signed contract, the average wait time for the roof replacement is only 4-6 weeks. 

Please be sure to let Customer Service know the extent of your damage in as much detail as possible. This can help us better plan each estimator’s time to reach the most people, as well as plan for enough time if there is extensive damage and you may need additional time.

Some of the ways you can expedite your wait time is to let Customer Service know that:
     1. You are a Previous Collis Roofing Customer
     2. You have already filed your insurance claim and had it approved
     3. You are ready to sign a contract the day we come out
     4. Have your information correct on the property appraiser’s website so we can pull a permit to complete your work

As estimators get within a week of being in your area, they will contact you by phone and email to let you know.

Wait Time for Installing Tarps

Currently, we are only about 2-5 days out on installing tarps. Please click here for pricing on tarps. Payments for tarps expected to be collected upon completion of installing your tarp. If you should choose to use Collis Roofing for an insurance claim, the amount paid towards your tarp will be credited toward your deductible as the cost will be covered by your claim. If you are not filing a claim, and are only needing a repair which often costs less than a hurricane deductible, this payment will not be credited to your repair.

We are still family owned and locally operated, as we have been for the past 23 years, serving only Florida. As of 2017, we are currently the 20th largest roofing contractor in the USA, the 2nd largest commercial roofer in Florida and 1st largest residential roofer in Florida. We currently have 4 branches, and maintain the highest levels of manufacturer training and certifications. Most of our estimators are Haag Certified, which is the highest certification for ethical insurance claims. All of this allows us to have the greatest capacity to give you the help you need that will be the most ethical when managing your insurance claims and reliable workmanship that you can count on in the years to come.

The national average wait time, before Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma, was 4-6 weeks to have a roof replaced due to quality labor shortages by those with the legal right to work in the US. Now with the extreme increase in demand due to the widespread damage during Hurricane Irma, no matter where you go, there will unfortunately be a long wait for estimate and for work. It may also be a few business days before we can call and let you know when an estimator can be in your area.

At Collis Roofing, even though there will be a long wait, we are currently using multiple different methods for estimators to be deployed to you, to install tarps, repair damage and replace roofs that will help shorten the wait time you will have as much as possible. 

We have created a page full of resources to protect you, your home and loved ones, provide financial assistance, and help you avoid things that you may not have thought of that might slow down your time to get your home or business repaired or have a roof replaced.  Click here for 15 tips and resources you should be aware of while you are waiting for help from Collis Roofing.

Thank you again for your continued patience as we work diligently to help all the families in the communities that we live in and serve in, and please remember Collis Roofing Cares!!!!