What Does It Mean to Have a Storm Proof Roof?

Storm proof means that, at Collis Roofing, we are going to give you the best roof replacement possible to help you weather the storm with our superior workmanship and materials we use.  How storm proof you want to be is up to you.

Below is a chart of Wind Ratings in Florida and what roofs may withstand the storm.  This ability to withstand a storm is 100% equally dependent on both the materials installed and the workmanship behind the installation.

Wind Ratings and Roof Tyes Shingle Flat Architectural and Metal Roofs Collis Roofing Florida

How Can You Be Storm Proof with Your Roof?

Storm proof means that, at Collis Roofing, we are going to give you the best roof replacement possible to help you weather the storm with our superior workmanship and materials we use.  How storm proof you want to be is up to you.

The Most Storm Proof Roof is a Metal Roof, but Only When Installed Properly to the Deck with the Proper Materials.

If you want to invest in a metal roof, but opt to go with a cheaper roofer, in almost every case they will probably just nail the metal to your shingles and may not even use metal roofing that can withstand the salt from the coastal water.  At Collis, we remove your old roof and install salt resistant metal roofing direct to your deck. 

These roofs can last 50 years when installed properly.  They can withstand 140-160 mph winds and hail. 

Beverly Gordon Collis Roofing reviews"Your company was recommended of one of the community sites are good and fair roofers. My metal roof has a "lifetime guarantee."  But it appears that if your roofer retires and goes out of business the mother company says that you are required to "prove" that the roof was installed properly.  They suggested I get an attorney.  So much of "lifetimes guarantee." Facebook, June 2018. 

A metal roof, when installed properly with the right materials, is often the most expensive roof. The exception to this are tile roofs where they have custom handmade ordered tile from overseas or made with custom color blends that is made only for a specific home or building.  Collis Roofing offers a variety of finance options from 12 months same as cash to low payment loans for up to 10 years, non credit based, credit based low interest loans for those with imperfect to perfect credit and those who have had a rough go with credit, but need a roof.  You can learn more about all our financing options that will allow you to pay for your roof or other home improvements here. 

Tile Roofs Can Be Your Next Most Storm Proof Roof.

If you aren't ready to invest in a metal roof, a tile roof should be your next option to consider.  Tile roofs can withstand most all Florida hail because we get small hail, or will have minor repairs.  It is very rare for us to get 2 inch hail or anything over 2 inches.  They can last 20-30 years when also installed properly from the training I have been in, and possibly longer.  According to the Boral USA tile manufacturer website, a tile repair are "most commonly when a branch crashes down during a storm. Sometimes when someone isn't watching how they are walking and step down too roughly on the tile."  This walking is usually due to roof cleaners who aren't roofers - just guys with a pressure washer, pool chemicals and a truck.  

The wind speeds a tile roof can withstand when properly installed with quality materials are 140mph, but cheap roofing companies may skip the extra fasteners meaning it can only withstand 80 mph.  It is critical to homeowners to understand how to avoid a roof is being installed in detail with such an important investment as your roof as this can mean worlds of difference in a Florida storm.

Never, Ever Settle for 3 Tab Shingle Roofs.

architectural shingles versus 3 tab shingles collis roofing floridaFor those who choose not to invest in the longest lasting roofs, we offer and install architectural shingles.  Architectural shingles have a 110mp wind rating if they use 4 nails, but at Collis Roofing, our crews use 6 nails giving it a 130mph wind rating.

After Hurricane Irma,  Hurricane Matthew and Hurricane Hermine,  at Collis Roofing, we were deeply distressed to hear some of the insurance adjusters, many of whom has been brought in from out of state, were telling homeowners that architectural shingles are simply decorative.  Manufacturer and Miami Dade testing clearly shows this to be completely false.  

At Collis Roofing, we literally have no idea why on earth the state of Florida continues to allow 3 Tab Shingles to be put on homes. When any tropical storm makes landfall by your home it will immediately invalidate their warranty as these shingles cannot withstand the wind from tropical storms. These storms happen usually at least once every year in every market we serve. Builders such as Lennar still install them on new homes throughout Florida because it allows them to make a greater profit, their roof warranties are often only for a year and acts of God, such as tropical storms, hail and hurricanes, are not covered except by insurance.  Manufacturers track these storms so they don't have to pay for warranty work for those with the lowest quality products on their homes.

Linda Sprenkle Facebook Collis Roofing"Beautiful as usual! Collis roofing did the roof of a house I rented and when a few months later a major hurricane( Charley ) hit, one (countum one) shingle was missing after that monster storm that took out over a hundred oak trees in Englewood park I Orlando! I say Collis, thx, ur workers also made sure my vehicles never experienced "roofers" flat tires!!" Linda Sprenkle, Facebook, June 2018 

In regards to insurance claims, regardless of what your insurance company adjuster says or the cost of the roofing estimate which will be settled between the contractor and your insurance, you are only responsible for your deductible unless you decide to upgrade the type of roof to something better than what you currently have (such as 3 tab roof to an architectural roof) or get an enhanced warranty from the manufacturer.

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