Why Get a Metal Roof in Florida

When you know it’s time to replace your roof for your Florida home, one of the biggest questions is deciding what type of roof to put on your home. The easiest way to decide if you are a good candidate for a new metal roof or a combination roof of metal with another product is to ask yourself these simple questions. How long do you want the roof to last before a repair or replacement will be needed? Are there trees creating a shadow over the roof that makes it more susceptible to mold? What about curbside appeal and increasing your value for bragging rights or for when you plan to sell it and move someplace smaller after the kids are off to college? Most importantly, how much does a metal roof cost and can I fit it in my budget?

Collis Roofing FL metal roof

If any of these are questions that you are considering when getting a new roof, here’s some of the reasons why a metal roof in Florida might be right for you!

The Strongest, Longest Lasting Roof in Florida

Metal roofs are most often the strongest and longest lasting roofs on the market! They are significantly less likely to sustain damage from high winds, hurricanes, tropical storms and hail than tile or shingle. This means with the proper product and superior installation, you can be enjoying a maintenance free roof years longer than other homes with tile or shingle on their roof. A new metal roof in Florida is most likely going to be a onetime investment that can outlive you.

Beautify & Increase for Your Property Value

Metal roofing comes in a variety of colors and even textures to make it look like wooden shingles or high end tile! No matter the color, style or texture you are looking to find, there is a pretty good chance that you will find exactly what you are looking for! Because of the durability, low maintenance and beauty, adding metal roofing, even in accent areas such as porches or windows immediately increases your home value and asking price.

Kiss Roof Cleaning Goodbye!

In Florida, we live in an ideal place for explosive algae growth due to humidity coupled with a warm climate and shade from our beautiful palms and trees. We are one of the few states where manufacturers created special shingles called AR Shingles for Algae Resistant Shingles to help with withstand the algae that turns shingles black from algae growth in the porous areas for 10 years. Metal roofs are not porous, and with proper installation and a quality product you should never have to be concerned with staining of your roof from algae growth.

How Much Does a Metal Roof Cost in Florida?

The cost for a metal roof depends on the type and texture (remember wood shingle look, tile look, lots of options to choose from, etc.?) as well as the pitch and size of your roof. If you want to keep your budget low, and still improve the durability, protection from algae, beauty and home value, incorporate it in accent areas or in areas that may need more protection such as a large tree that hangs over a portion of your home. Our metal roof department are experts in doing multi-product roofs which is why more builders use us for these projects than anyone else in Florida. Also, keep in mind that Collis Roofing offers financing options that you and your estimating specialist can talk about during your free estimate. To find out more, fill out our form for a Free Metal Roof Estimate in Florida or call 877-COLLIS1!