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Skylight Installation

New Florida Skylight Installations

Have you dreamed of filling your home with the more natural light that skylights provide? Collis Roofing shines a light through our competition with our superior installations and craftsmanship in residential skylights. Our innovative product selection and trouble-free installations can save you money and provide an incredibly beautiful ambiance for your home. Worried about the sun? Our products even have shades that can be accessed by remote or by hand.

Leaking Skylights and Skylight Repairs

Most often a skylight with a leak needing repair, the issue lies within the installation, houses settling or what is holding the glass - the frame, sash and flashing. Sometimes the flashing can be repaired. However, if the leak has gone undetected for quite some time, the area where the skylight is sitting and around it has rotten wood that will have to be replaced in addition to the skylight and may be the source of other roof damage. The glass is built securely within the frame and sash, and will need to be replaced as a whole, instead of just the glass, in order for any installer or manufacturer to warranty your skylight.

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