Solar Attic Fans with a Lifetime Warranty

Control Your Heat and Humidity with a Solar Attic Fan from Collis Roofing

The Attic Breeze and the Breeze Mate Solar Ventilation puts ventilation control in your hands controlling the temperature and humidity in your attic or garage, allowing full control over fan operation with an in home control just like your thermostat.

The High Cost of a Hot Attic

How Solar Attic Fans in Florida Work

Save up to 20% on your cooling costs and extend the life of your roof and AC by having the rooftop experts, Collis Roofing, install an Attic Breeze solar attic fan on your roof with an Attic Breeze Mate. Most attics are not energy efficient leaving your attic to be around 150 degrees when it is only 90 degrees outside. This excessive heat will not only reduce the lifespan of your Air Conditioning unit (AC Handler), but an improperly vented roof and hot attic will also significantly reduce the quoted manufacturer’s life expectancy and potentially void your warranty.

The Attic Breeze, when properly installed by the experts at Collis Roofing, will keep your attic or garage cool to 15 degrees of the ambient temperature.

Silent, Wireless Digital Humidity and Heat Control

breeze mate attic breeze solar attic fan indoor wireless controllers

Your Attic Breeze solar attic fan is whisper quiet operating at <30 dB which is virtually silent. This made in the USA commercial grade monocrystalline solar panels are manufactured with impact resistant tempered glass that has shown to withstand hail up to 2.5” and still operate while also maintaining the Florida windstorm approval.

The temperature and humidity can easily be controlled from your Attic Mate wireless, remote digital controller that can be placed anywhere in your home from next to your thermostat to even in a drawer in the house.

30% Federal Tax Credit for Homes with a New Attic Breeze Installation from Collis Roofing

The 30% Federal Tax credit on your Attic Breeze and Attic Breeze Mate includes the cost of the fan, any demolition, roof tear off, the installation of the fan and installing new roof materials around it. To file for your 30% Federal Tax Credit on your solar attic fan, you will need 3 simple items:

Why Choose Collis Roofing to Install your Attic Breeze Solar Attic Fan

attic breeze solar attic fan installation florida collis roofing

HVAC and Solar Installers are not the roof top experts. They are not manufacturer trained or licensed to conduct any tear off of roofing materials needed to install the attic fan on the roof or install directly into a roof without causing damage or voiding your roof installation warranty. Collis Roofing holds the highest manufacturer warranties for all roof types from flat, metal shingle or tile as well as participates in ongoing ethical foreman training in continuing to improve the workmanship and longevity of your roof. While an attic fan is an affordable, cost reducing, energy saving tool for your home, roof damage is not. Choose the experts in both energy saving solar attic fans and roofing before you put the boots on your roof and cause unnecessary, costly damage to your roof such as roof leaks, drywall damage, leaving your roof warranty null and void, or more.

Call 877-COLLIS-1 or Contact Collis Roofing online for a Free Design and Solar Attic Fan Installation Estimate.

Cost of a Solar Attic Fan

The price of our American Made, Florida Windstorm Approved, Solar Attic Fan with a lifetime warranty with installation is very affordable when we put on the roof. We do install solar powered attic fans on preexisting roofs, and while it is still very affordable, it does cost slightly more because we have to remove that section of the roof, rebuild it and ensure there are no leaks or damage.

solar attic fan on tile roof attic breeze installed by collis roofing

Collis Roofing's solar attic fans are virtually silent, despite being the highest performing solar attic fan on the market, as they are considered to have a "whisper quiet operation" of <1 sones or < 30 dB. The entire construction is metal, no plastic, so it is built to be quiet and last!

How to Buy and Install a Solar Powered Attic Fan

If you are interested in lowering your energy costs and extending the life of your air conditioning unit, Call 877-COLLIS1 or Contact Us. We'll provide you with a free estimate and energy audit to find the best energy saving solar attic fan solution for your home! Our solar experts will not only help you find the best option to meet your needs, but we also safely install them on your roof for you!