Residential Roofing Warranty

Collis Roofing has recently launched the most comprehensive, detailed warranty available in the roofing industry today. Together with our manufacturers, we are able to offer our customers good, better and best warranty options and the peace of mind of knowing that their warranty is completely transferable to the new owner of their home if they decide to sell. Collis Roofing offers a Labor Warranty. To receive a copy of the warranty, please email

Understanding Your Roofing Warranty

Collis Roofing can offer the best warranty available for the top Manufacturers such as Owens Corning, CertainTeed, Gulf Coast Metal, Boral Tile, Eagle Tile and more. While many roofing contractors may have a "manufacturer warranty" or a "manufacturer certification", not all warranties and certifications are created equal. If they do not hold the 1% contractor manufacturer certifications they cannot offer or register the premium warranties that make your roof more valuable.

Take this Owens Corning Manufacturer Warranty Available by Manufacturer Certification. While many roofing companies may meet the "Preferred Status", they have not proven their ability in workmanship for Owens Corning to back up the contractor's workmanship for Owens Corning to offer a Lifetime Workmanship warranty.  Only 1% of roofing contractors installing Owens Corning roofing products have been awarded 

Owens Corning Platinum Warranty Comparison Collis Roofing

Some warranties may use verbiage that sounds impressive, but may be misleading. A labor warranty is what it takes to correct the issue and a workmanship warranty is the original installation or misapplication.

Why Collis Roofing does not Promote All Roofing Manufacturers

If Collis Roofing experiences an ongoing trend of a manufacturer not honoring their warranty's whether it is manufacturer defects to labor to workmanship, Collis Roofing will not promote and avoid offering these warranties. We want to offer our customers the best roofing experience possible with a manufacturer that will match our commitment to excellence. Some manufacturers will not honor a manufacturer defect such as blistering shingles if it is not leaking, such as GAF. Ask your estimator for more details.

Help Registering Your Warranty

If need additional help to register your warranty through one of our manufacturers, simply contact your local branch or estimator.