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Our Story

Collis Roofing was founded in 2004 by the Lanier Family, and the original owners are still the same owners and operators. Because of their immense love and ongoing commitment to the community, we provide more free roofs and repairs than any other roofing contractor in the state of Florida most often to widows, the elderly, families in crisis and non profits such as Habitat for Humanity. Collis Roofing also financially supports non profits each year such as Give Kids the World and The Russell Home as well as has numerous donation drives each year to victims of hurricanes, toys for local children and have even hosted onsite blood drives.

Collis Roofing is Florida Licensed and Insured. We only serve Florida. We are the largest residential roofing contractor in Florida, the second largest commercial roofing contractor in Florida. When measured against all the roofing companies in the US, including those that also work in Canada and the Bahamas, we are 23rd in the country.

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Collis Roofing Only Employs Those with the Legal Right to Work in the USA

Every employee of Collis Roofing has been approved by US Department of Immigration and Naturalization as having the Legal Right to Work through their E-Verify. At Collis Roofing we have a strict drug free and alcohol free policy, with drug testing upon employment and subject to random drug testing.

Collis Roofing is Committed to Safety

Collis Roofing has won numerous awards year after year from the United Safety Council. All those who work on job sites must have completed and passed a rigorous safety training. Each year, every employee must take another safety class and pass. We host regular toolbox talks, daily site inspections and employ numerous superintendents and full time safety officers, including a Multi Certified Safety Director. All vehicles are equipped with speed monitoring GPS with automatic alerts.

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