Commercial Roofing Roof Edge

Collis Roofing Commercial Roofing Roof Edge

Reduce your uplift on your roof, extend the lifetime of your roof, reduce the potential damage to your roof and lower your insurance premiums!

Collis Roofing has partnered with AeroEdge®, a patented aerodynamic roofing edge that can be applied easily installed to a variety of commercial and multifamily roofs with their current roof, new construction or with a new roof replacement.

AeroEdge® is an affordable roof edge that reduces maximum wind uplift by as much as 50% which can significantly reduce all to frequent roofing damage and water intrusion. The edging is suited for tar and gravel roof, flat roofs of all types and pitched shingle roofs.

Commercial or multi-family properties protected with AeroEdge®, automatically qualify for exclusive insurance premium discounts through AeroEdge® Insurance backed by Llyods of London.

For more information and to see full scale wind turbine tests visit For a free estimate on how you can start protecting your roof today, contact us by calling 877-COLLIS1 or fill out our contact form for a Free Commercial Roof Edge Estimate.

Before and After Roof Edging

collis roofing aero edge hurricane roof edge
collis roofing aero edge hurricane shingle roof edge