How Much Will I Save On Utilities with PV Solar

What's great about PV (Photovoltaic) solar is that you will lower your Florida utility bill immediately and possibly make your utility bill virtually obsolete after matching your electric usage to the right system that can provide you that much energy.

What Comes with a Collis PV Solar System?

With every system you will get a Live Monitoring System in addition to your PV, Photovolatic, solar panels. This live monitoring system gives you live time performance reports on any device, including tablets and phones, that you have an internet connection. All Collis Solar panels are FSEC and UL Approved, and every panel is made in the USA (domestic).

How Much Does PV Solar Cost

A PV, Photovoltaic, solar system and installation starts as low as $11,699. After the 30% federal tax credit, your system could cost you as low as $8189. Don't forget Collis Roofing offers a variety of financing options from 12 Months Same as Cash to 10 Year 6.99% Fixed Apr Loans. Find out if you qualify for financing for your PV Solar System!

PV (Photovoltaic) Solar Tax Credit

PV, Photovoltaic, solar systems installed by Collis Roofing that power your home qualify for a 30% Federal Tax Credit with no cap for 2014. At this time there are no rebates are available for these PV, Photovoltaic, solar systems from any local utility companies in Florida.

How Much Room Do I Need for PV Solar

The amount of space needed is dependent upon the size system you need based on your energy usage. A single PV, Photovoltaic, solar panel takes up about 20 Sq Ft. The smallest system is a 2.5KW which requires 10 panels. These 10 panels will take up approximately 200 Sq Ft.