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Collis Roofing Services

Collis Roofing offers a wide variety of exterior services for repairing, replacementing and installations on commercial, residential and new construction properties. No matter what your needs are, Collis Roofing can help make your property safe and beautiful. We offer most of our services to both residential, commercial, mixed use, and multi-family properties thanks to our expertly trained professional roofers.

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Services for Both Residential and Commercial

Collis Roofing Services

Collis Roofing offers repair, replace, and installation of roofs no matter how big or small. You’re roof structural integrity and cleanliness is our priority.

Roof Cleaning

Collis Roofing provides the most effective roof cleaning that protects your roof on residential, multi family and commercial properties.


A wonderful addition to any home, we’re experts in repairing, replacing, and installing brand new skylights and sun tunnels.

Solar Attic Fans

Is your attic hotter than the Sahara and as humid as a rainforest? That’s Florida for you. We repair, replace, and install solar attic fans to fix this problem!


It may not seem like it, but gutters play an integral part in protecting your home from water damage. We repair, replace, and install gutters to keep your home safe.

Cement or Vinyl Siding

No matter what your home is made of, we can repair or replace any siding, from cement to Vinyl, using only the best brands specifically designed for Florida’s crazy weather conditions.

Pool Solar

Heated pools are fantastic, but heating pools with solar power is better and more efficient than using gas. Keep your pool swim ready for 10 months out of the year by letting Collis Roofing install or repair your solar.

New Custom Windows

When choosing windows & doors for your home, it’s important that they not only stand up to the test of time but also to the elements. Collis Roofing uses the best products matched with the best workmanship and installation possible to achieve this.

Commercial Roof Maintenance Plans

Collis Roofing works with businesses, contractors, and building owners to create, implement, and streamline the process of caring for a roof by creating roof maintenance plans.

The Collis Difference

Our team of professional roofers are trained to go above and beyond no matter what property they’re working on. Many roofers offer commercial services without realizing how different commercial property roofing really is from traditional residential roofing. We make sure our roofers can perform at the same level of excellence no matter what kind of service they’re doing. That’s the Collis Difference.