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Skylight and Sun Tunnel Repair, Replacement and Installation

Collis Roofing has been repairing, replacing and installing skylights and sun tunnels for over 25 years with unmatched workmanship and an innovative custom product selection!

Most often a leaking skylight or sun tunnel is due to flashing issues, mounting and wood rot over the years. Our roofing experts are fully certified by the manufacturers, professional and friendly and can easily identify how to repair your leaking skylight or sun tunnel.

If your sun tunnel or skylight needs to be replaced, we offer customized options if you’d like to extend the natural light, add a motorized or hand crank shank, or even change the look. Adding a skylight or sun tunnel can instantly transform the look and feel of a room as well as decrease lighting costs.

Go for Natural Light

Natural lighting is beneficial to your home in many ways. Not only does it save you on lighting costs but the sun’s rays will look stunning when it floods your room. Proper installation of a skylight or sun tunnel will also bring the natural light in while keeping excess heat out. Collis Roofing has 25 years of experience installing skylights and sun tunnels. Our expert team will make sure that your home or business stays up to code while increasing your property values.

Benefits of a Skylight or Sun Tunnel

Adding natural light to your home

Natural light is known to improve mood and even help increase performance in workplaces. Your property can greatly benefit from natural lighting if your home is typically more dim or surrounded by shade that doesn’t allow light to come in through your windows.

Better Ventilation

Installing a motorized skylight lets you open up the glass covering and let in fresh air. The cross ventilation helps clear up stuffy rooms, cool down your living space, and help you breathe easier.

Saving on energy costs

When natural light enters the room, there’s no need to turn on the lights. Your home will be lit at all hours of the day from your windows and from above. Cross ventilation also lets you turn off that AC during cooler days and the direct sunlight will keep you warm during winter.

Add resale value

Skylights and sun tunnels are considered cosmetic changes to a home. When cosmetic changes are made, it can add equity to your home and up the resale value. Skylights are especially valuable because it gives any room an attractive and calming atmosphere.

Make a room seem bigger

Just like adding mirrors can make a room feel bigger, so can skylights! It also gives you a wonderful view of the starry sky at night.

Differences Between a Skylight and Sun Tunnel

Skylights are windows set into the roof of your home. They typically look like regular windows with trimming and the ability to open and close them. Sun Tunnels, also called Solar Tubes, are domes installed in the home’s roof that catch sunlight and reflect it down a tunnel before being diffused into your home. They’re typically much smaller than skylights and aren’t as much of a statement on the home as skylights.


Adds to a room’s aesthetic appeal
Add to a home’s resale value
Can be shaded
Can be opened
Can be filtered to partially block UV rays
Provides a view of the sky

Sun Tunnel

Easier to install
Little interior finishing required
Less expensive
More energy efficient
Can give buyers an energy tax deduction
Less heat gain
Blocks UV rays

Skylight and Sun Tunnels Service
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