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Roof Tarp Prices per Xactimate for Insurance Claims

Avoid Price Gouging and Extra Out of Pocket Costs from Unethical Contractors, Individual Roofers and Roofing Companies by knowing the current rates!

Insurance and Florida law dictate pricing and price gouging from unethical contractors, roofers and roofing companies, both licensed and unlicensed, to prevent people from taking advantage of those who have been impacted by a disaster. Insurance companies load their current pricing into a software system called Xactimate, used also by contractors. This allows contractors to know how much an insurance company will charge for a roof tarp.

Collis Roofing Transparency

Collis Roofing is dedicated to transparency in this, and will share with you the most current rates for insurance coverage. Please check for the latest pricing with your estimator to verify. A 20’x20′ tarp should not cost you more than $380 during normal business hours or $488 after normal business hours. If the company you speak to says they have a 20’x30′ tarp, based on the rates below that tarp should cost 20 x 30 x 0.95 = $570 during normal business hours or 20 x 30 x 1.22 = $732 if after normal business hours.

Even if you pay someone more, your insurance will only reimburse you for the rates they offer. Don’t get stuck holding the bill for price gouging. Collis Roofing uses Xactimate to calculate not only tarp prices but also material prices for your roof install. By getting as close to the insurance company’s estimate as possible, it’s more likely that your insurance claim will be accepted. We will never overcharge for roofing materials or labor. By using Xactimate, we can get you the best materials possible for a long lasting roof and accurately report to your insurance company to ensure an accepted claim.

What exactly is Xactimate?

Xactimate is an online software that allows both insurance companies and contractors to properly estimate the specific cost of your roof replacement or repair. It also estimates other construction and restoration costs for any home project that’s going to be covered by insurance. Xactimate is one of the most powerful and comprehensive software programs for property claims and estimating in the industry. Licensed professionals choose to use it because of its accuracy and flexibility throughout all stages of the repair or replacement process.

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